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Netflix is free for 48 hours from December 5: Learn how to avail the offer



netflix is free

As of now Netflix is Free, before being rolled out to customers around the world, the StreamFest event will only be held in India on a trial basis.

Netflix is free? These are the words that most young Indians and movie buffs long to learn. Well for a short period of time, Netflix is really going to be free. Under the name StreamFest, the company is floating a limited time promotional offer starting December 4. In the words of Netflix, all users are granted free subscriptions for a weekend without registration or charge.

You can stream for free for a span of 48 hours anytime after December 4, if you are interested. Netflix would not need your registration information or payment details during those 48 hours. This is distinct from the previous free trial of 30 days that demanded all the information. Furthermore the StreamFest deal will not start costing until the time expires, unlike the 1-month free trial.

How to use a 2-day free subscription to Netflix?

  • Visit
  • Sign up with your name, phone number or email
  • Start streaming
  • The fascinating aspect is no credit or debit card or payment is needed for the same thing.

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Aadhaar Not Mandatory for Registration on Co-Win Portal



Aadhaar Not Mandatory for Registration on Co-Win Portal, co-win registration

The Union Minister of State for Health, Ashwini Choubey, told Lok Sabha on Friday that Aadhaar is not required to be registered with the Co-WIN portal. He claimed that it was created by the Ministry of Health, the Government of India, with the assistance of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), India Office and that the CoWin mobile application has been developed to streamline the Vaccination Campaign in India.

In his written reply Choubey said if Aadhaar was required to register on the Co-WIN application, “No, it is not compulsory for Aadhaar to register in the Co-WIN portal” he further noted that the Co-WIN had incurred a total of Rs. 58.90 lakhs, as on 1 February of this year.

Choubey said, “Yes, privacy impact assessments were carried out for Co-WIN portal. For data safety, data is encrypted using a highly secure key, no unauthorised access to database on AWS server is allowed and restricted access to relational database service (to decrease the risk of malicious activities).”

The Co-WIN application meets the Privacy Policy as specified in the NDHM, he added.

CoWIN will be the digitisation portal for the launch of COVID-19 vaccines, but as the official software has not been released, do not download any applications from Google Play right now. Make sure you are using the right software from a reliable source before using any app for such a delicate matter. A new CoWIN app has been launched by the central government to carry out and scale up the COVID-19 vaccine delivery system process across the country. The app is said to be in its pre-production stage at present and hasn’t gone live on Google Play or the App Store.

Know how to register on Co-Win.

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