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Instagram DM Tricks: How to Add Special Effects to Instagram Messages



instagram dm tricks

Instagram DM Tricks: Did you know that your Instagram DMs will now use awesome new special effects? Facebook has combined Messenger in Instagram DMs with a recent tech upgrade, and since then the latter has got some interesting new functionality such as the option to set up a custom chat hue, disappear mode, custom emoji reactions etc. We’ll be asking you about one of these new features that come with the merger in this article.

Instagram DM Tricks: Add special messaging effects

On your Instagram DM, you can now apply special effects anytime you respond to someone or send a new message to someone. Follow the steps:

  1. First of all, make sure that you should have the new Instagram update loaded on your phone.
  2. Open some Instagram chat and type in a message.
  3. Next to the text entry area, tap the magnifier on the left.
  4. Now you’ll see an option of four new results.
  5. Just tap and choose the one you want, and that’s it.
  6. In doing so, a note would be received along with the special effect.

Besides this, you can even save messages to be used as fast responses. Take these instructions to achieve so.

  1. To save a message that has been sent, long-press it and tap Save.
  2. You will be questioned for a shortcut to be assigned, type it and press Save.
  3. Long-press it > tap More > tap Save to save a forwarded message. Assign a command shortcut to it, and that’s all.
  4. Now, just use the shortcut instead of typing the whole expression anytime you want to give a fast reaction.
  5. By inserting fun special effects and saving fast answers, this is how you can make the most of Instagram DM’s.
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Aadhaar Not Mandatory for Registration on Co-Win Portal



Aadhaar Not Mandatory for Registration on Co-Win Portal, co-win registration

The Union Minister of State for Health, Ashwini Choubey, told Lok Sabha on Friday that Aadhaar is not required to be registered with the Co-WIN portal. He claimed that it was created by the Ministry of Health, the Government of India, with the assistance of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), India Office and that the CoWin mobile application has been developed to streamline the Vaccination Campaign in India.

In his written reply Choubey said if Aadhaar was required to register on the Co-WIN application, “No, it is not compulsory for Aadhaar to register in the Co-WIN portal” he further noted that the Co-WIN had incurred a total of Rs. 58.90 lakhs, as on 1 February of this year.

Choubey said, “Yes, privacy impact assessments were carried out for Co-WIN portal. For data safety, data is encrypted using a highly secure key, no unauthorised access to database on AWS server is allowed and restricted access to relational database service (to decrease the risk of malicious activities).”

The Co-WIN application meets the Privacy Policy as specified in the NDHM, he added.

CoWIN will be the digitisation portal for the launch of COVID-19 vaccines, but as the official software has not been released, do not download any applications from Google Play right now. Make sure you are using the right software from a reliable source before using any app for such a delicate matter. A new CoWIN app has been launched by the central government to carry out and scale up the COVID-19 vaccine delivery system process across the country. The app is said to be in its pre-production stage at present and hasn’t gone live on Google Play or the App Store.

Know how to register on Co-Win.

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