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Finding best funny wifi names isn’t easy in 2021. Find out 1000’s of new Funny, Geeky, Clever, Cool, Unique, Creative, Good WiFi names, like Viruses Abound, Lean On, and more.

WiFi is used all over the world, and we all need a good wifi name so lets have some fun with the names of wifi. Here are some wifi names which you can use to be unique, creative.

Whenever you think that you have seen it all, someone comes up with a new cool, unique and funny wifi name, which makes you laugh out loud. A good name can promote yourself, your business as well as your brand.

WiFi made our life easier but thinking of a clever, funny wifi names is challenging, but do not worry that’s where this blog comes in. We have some clever, geeky, cool names for your wifi.

Note: Depending upon your wifi setup restriction, you may find that you are not allowed to use special character like question mark, etc. But do not worry if you really have your heart set on something, you will convey your message with or without punctuation.

Funny Wifi Names

  • Drop It Like It’s Hotspot
  • Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s Wifi
  • Wi-Fight the Inevitable
  • It Burns When IP
  • Abraham Linksys
  • Silence of the LAN
  • Bandwidth Together
  • Nacho Wifi
  • No More Mister Wifi
  • No LAN for the Wicked
  • I Believe Wi Can Fi
  • Where the Wild Pings Are
  • New England Clam Router
  • Go Go Router Rangers
  • IP Steady Streams
  • The Promised LAN
  • PorqueFi
  • The LAN Before Time
  • Slower than Yo Momma
  • LAN of Milk and Honey
  • The LAN of the Free
  • I Did Your Wifi Last Night
  • Wham Bam Thank You LAN
  • Winter WonderLAN
  • The Internet
  • Click Here for Wifi
  • Click Here to Download
  • Move On
  • IP a Lot
  • Jump on the Bandwidth
  • Bandwidth on the Run
  • Titanic Syncing
  • Get off my LAN
  • This LAN Is My LAN
  • This LAN is Your LAN
  • Untrusted Network
  • No Internet Access
  • Connected, Secured
  • Router? I Hardly Knew Her
  • Who Pooped in the Pool
  • Definitely Not Wifi
  • Escaped Nigerian Prince
  • Whose Car Alarm is That
  • I Left the Seat Up
  • Byte Me
  • You Fart Pretty Loud

funny wifi names

What is the best wifi name? We all know a funny wifi name is real mood changer! Imagine you are working on laptop and suddenly the wifi name makes you LOL!

Best Funny Wifi Names

Here are the best wifi names this year:

  • Ether-on
  • Wave Force
  • Hilary Clinternet
  • PennyPacker
  • Linksys Lohan
  • Benjamin FrankLAN
  • Wifitastic
  • Router
  • Freedom
  • Ring City
  • Dare Say
  • Quadrant
  • Definitely Not WiFi
  • WiFi Password Show
  • Ex-Wi-Fi
  • Free Public Wifi
  • Girls Gone Wireless
  • Open Sesame
  • Candy in the Van
  • Vladimir Computin
  • Battle of the Bandwidth
  • Cunnilinksys
  • Torrent Gump
  • The Matrix
  • Help, I’m Trapped in a Router
  • For Porn Use Only
  • I Can Haz Wireless?
  • Discover WiFi Password
  • Cut Your Lawn
  • LAN Halen
  • Cash is King
  • Hack If You Can
  • LAN Morrison
  • Iron LAN
  • Get off My LAN
  • Get Your Own Damn Wi-Fi

Cool Names for Wifi Networks

  • Keep it on the Download
  • Wu Tang LAN
  • The Password is…
  • Open Sesame
  • Everyday I’m buffering
  • Girls Gone Wireless
  • Lag Out Loud
  • Hit the Road Jack Input
  • And Don’t You Come Back
  • No Mo No Mo
  • Blind Sight
  • Keep it on the download
  • Wifi Fever
  • Now you see me…
  • Sweet Victory
  • Life on the Line
  • Cut the Wire
  • Wi-Fi, do you love me?
  • Since 1997
  • AA Meeting
  • Pokemon Slo
  • Modem Pole
  • Wi-Fry Chicken
  • Lifeblood
  • Living on the Wire
  • W^3
  • Join My Bandwidth
  • Wifi Art Thou Romeo
  • Russian Hackers
  • We’ve Got the Goods
  • Guess Where We Live
  • Is it me you’re looking for?
  • 12C is the Loneliest Number
  • Safe Levels of Radiation

Clever Wifi Names

  • Panic at the Cisco
  • Wi-Fight the Feeling
  • IanTernet
  • Cheeses Take the Wheel
  • For Whom the Belkin Tolls
  • RIP Net Neutrality
  • Who What When Where WiFi
  • Wi FI Fo Fum
  • JackPott
  • Printer Only
  • Daily Bread
  • Duke of URL
  • My Name is URL
  • URL of Sandwich
  • Searching…
  • One if by LAN…
  • Wi of the Figer
  • FBI Channel 90210
  • FBI Van 13
  • Surveillance Van
  • Witness Protection
  • Tell My Wifi Love Her
  • Tell Your Wifi Love Her
  • Your Wifi My Kids
  • Get Your Own
  • Amish Rebel
  • Click and Die
  • Double Click to Connect
  • Happy Wifi Happy Lifi
  • Very Slow
  • You Will Regret This
  • Wi FiLecia
  • Rick Rolled
  • $1 per hour
  • The Internet
  • Clever Wifi is Clever
  • Fourth Floor Wifi
  • Reserved for Guests I Hate
  • No Connections Available
  • Connection Failed
  • Loading…
  • Please Wait…

Nerdy Wifi Names

  • Bill Wi the Science Fi
  • A LANister Never Forgets
  • Winternet is Coming
  • House LANister
  • LANnisters Pay Their Debts
  • You Shall Not Password
  • The Ping of the North
  • The Mad Ping
  • House of Black and Wifi
  • Comcasterly Rock
  • Lord of the Ping
  • One Wifi to Rule Them All
  • Routers of Rohan
  • Huge Tracts of LAN
  • The Black Links
  • The Force
  • May the Wi-Force Be With You
  • A long time ago…
  • Luke, I Am Your Wi-Fi
  • 404 Network Unavailable
  • Alt-255
  • 8hz WAN IP
  • That’s What She SSID
  • Unregistered Hypercam 2
  • Spiderman’s World Wide Web
  • E=MC Square Dance
  • Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wifi
  • A Linksys to the Past
  • Skynet
  • Your Wifi is in Another Castle
  • Occam’s Router
  • Troy and Abed in the Modem
  • hey its me ur wifi
  • Not A Pokestop
  • Wild Wifi Appeared
  • Banana Stand Money

Funny wifi names

Harry Potter Wifi Names

  • Hogwarts Hall of Wifi
  • rIP Hedwig
  • Common Room Wifi
  • Yer A Wifi Harry
  • Hagrid’s Hut
  • Accio Internet
  • Dumbledore’s IT Staff
  • Connecto Patronum
  • Squibs Only
  • Floo Network

Star Wars Wifi Names

  • The Force
  • May the Wi-Force Be With You
  • Jar Jar Linksys
  • A long time ago…
  • Let the Wifi Win
  • Luke, I Am Your Wi-Fi
  • Forest Moon of Endor
  • Docking Bay 94

Random Names for Wifi / Networks

  • I’m Not A Witch I’m Your Wifi
  • Inigo the Modem
  • Usa Usa Usa Usa
  • Never gonna give you wifi
  • Two Girls One Router
  • MothersMaidenName
  • Password is Password
  • Password is Gullible
  • The LAN down under
  • Spread the Wealth
  • Pretty Fly for a WiFi
  • I’m too sexy for WiFi
  • Enter the Dragon’s Wifi
  • You Click, I Pay
  • NSFW
  • Try Me
  • Full bars
  • Hide you wifi
  • Cup of sugar
  • Close your bathroom curtains
  • Work Only
  • Do Re Mi Fa So La Wi Fi
  • Battle of the Bandwidth
  • Work Hard Play Hard
  • Connect Automatically
  • VirusFree
  • VirusRUs
  • Missed Connections
  • You’re WiFired!
  • For Sale Inquire Within
  • Thanks Obama
  • Simon Says No Wifi
  • Modem Family
  • Penny get your own wifi
  • I Believe Wi can Fi
  • AOL Dialup
  • Your Brain On Drugs
  • Got Milk?
  • No Soup For You
  • Vandelay Industries
  • Ready to Mingle
  • Bathroom Cam 2
  • We Were On A Break!
  • Herpes Positive
  • To Be or not to Be
  • Routy McRouterface
  • Big Busty Asians
  • Area 51
  • Brave Little Router
  • Drop and give me 20
  • Clean your glasses!
  • Gone Catfishing
  • That itchy feeling
  • Cash is king
  • My Wifu
  • Free Public Wifi
  • Candy in the Van
  • Capture the Lag
  • Go Go Gadget
  • The Matrix
  • Shaken not Stirred
  • Cunnilinksys

Funny wifi names

WiFi Names Handpicked Collections

  • Satan Use this One

  • Wifey’s WiFi
  • Don’t You Dare Connect
  • Use this, and You are Dead
  • The Secret Chamber
  • Hahaha
  • The Connection Failed
  • You can’t connect to this
  • GF or Wi-Fi?
  • Go Solo on WiFi
  • Find the password
  • Searching for a network
  • Loading
  • My Wi-Fi, My Life
  • No Wi-Fi? Get a Wifey.
  • Get off of my WiFi
  • Not for You
  • Only for me
  • You can’t sneak into this
  • Drive-By Wi-Fi
  • Wi-Fi Panda
  • Jackie LAN
  • Bruce LAN
  • 500 potential threats
  • Waiting for the connection
  • Obtaining the IP Address
  • Vi(rus)Fi
  • Pay-Fi
  • Not free Mate
  • Wi-Free is not here
  • Get a Damn Wi-Fi for you
  • Sorry, not your WiFi
  • You are not paying the bill
  • Wi-Fi Unavailable
  • 404- not available
  • No WiFi Found
  • You will feel the heat
  • Get a life, dude, and get a wifi
  • You are creepy

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